Academic Year

October — July

The atmosphere in Italy is laid-back, very warm and very lively. Studying in Italy means getting a top-quality degree and valuable life and work experience, it is an amazing country, it’s cities are very inspiring, one should explore it’s me museums, theatres, and enjoy the country’s culture and food.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Italy can vary widely, depending on where you’re from, the region you’re studying in, the type of institution – public or private, and your level of study.

Private universities are significantly more expensive than their public, fees ranging anywhere from 6,000 to 20,000 € annually. The tuition fees are very similar for EU and non-EU students alike.

An average tuition fees for a public higher education can range anywhere between 900 to 4,000 € per year, depending on the specific institution, as well as your program, level of study, and if you’re from the EU or non-EU country.

Housing & Living Cost

Student housing in Italy is more expensive in bigger cities and can range anywhere from €300-€650 a month, depending on the size and location in relation to the city center and the distance to the campus.

It’s common that students rent a room rather than a whole apartment and share it with other students.

The cost of living in Italy dependent on where you’re studying. Urban centers tend to mean higher costs, while smaller university towns are much cheaper to live

Grants & Scholarships

To help students to get their dreams come true of study abroad, there are many grants and scholarship opportunities that students studying in Italy can apply for, available to all regardless of your country of origin. Funding are often limited given to the students based on merit, after an assessment of their grades from previous studies, some scholarships cover tuition fees as well as living costs.

Admission application Process

Admission process can be varied based on the level of education you are applying for and the university of your choice therefore, we will guide you once you have narrowed down the university.

Visa application Process

Visa application process varies on the country of your citizenship, the country in which you are apply for the student visa, and the requirements of the local embassy in the country you are apply for the student visa.