Education Management Services

We can help you explore options to study abroad and guide you through to select the best option available for you to meet your personal goals and achieve the desired results. To start the process contact us as early as possible.

Wanted to study Abroad but you’re confused about the course & institute selection

We are here to help you and guide you through the process

Why Study Abroad

Advantage of studying abroad is that it gives you an opportunity meet, understanding and learn from the student arount the world, experience beautiful aspect of their cultures which you may not come to know.

Destination Country & Education Institute

We can help to choose a right destination country for your education needs and to narrow down the right education institute which meet your education goals and aspiration for the future.

Admission & Visa Application Process

Stars N Beyond can help you apply at the university of your choice. You will find us with you on every step of the way through the admission and visa process to guide and help you.

Grants & Scholarships

There are some grants and scholarships available in most of the countries in which we provide services. We will help you explore all the possibilities to take advantage of grant or scholarship you can qualify for.

Pre-Departure briefing

We organize pre-departure briefing to update all our students & their gradience what to expect on arrival at your new home for the next few years.

Continue Support during and after completion of your studies

We will be a click away any time you need help during your studies. Our support will continue after you graduation, we help you to creating your professional profile, resume writing. We also work with our partners to find you your first